Ed's Property Maintenance Services

We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to maintain your property to keep it healthy, beautiful, and to enhance it’s value.

100HP Custom John Deere Tractor

Tractor with custom double grapple bucket

Tractor with 15 foot wide “bat wing” field cutter

Tractor with 7 foot wide bush hog cutter

92 HP Bobcat equipped for forestry cutting and land clearing

Bobcat with 7′ wide 8” diameter cutting capacity forestry deck

Bobcat with a variety of attachments for all of property maintenance needs

20 foot dump trailer capable of hauling 18,000 pounds

92 HP track loader with forestry cutter.

92 HP track loader with forestry cutter.

Forestry Cutting Land Clearing  


Forestry Cutting Land Clearing


Forestry Cutting Land Clearing  


Forestry Cutting Land Clearing


Our Property Maintenance Services:

  • Bush hogging
  • Land clearing
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Forestry services
  • Fire breaks
  • Tree downing
  • Tree mulching
  • Tree planting services
  • Complete land development and installation
  • Complete landscape development and installation
  • Boulder installation
  • Large stone or rock wall design and installation
  • Other requests unique to your property
Bush Hog cutting:

We use our custom outfitted 100 hp John Deer tractor to keep your fields neat and tidy. We also offer our 6 foot grooming mower to produce a nice even and clean look for your property.

Land Clearing

We clear your land so you can use it. We use a variety of equipment including our 92 hp Bobcat track loader with a variety of attachments to tackle  densely forested land. We fell trees, remove roots and stumps for your ideally prepared purpose.

Stump Grinding

Do you have unsightly stumps that always seem to be in your way? We can help!

We remove stubborn stumps so you can have full use of your property.

Debris Removal

We remove bulk debris from your property using our 20 ft dump trailer which easily manages even the largest debris removal. 

This remarkable piece of equipment handles loads up to 18,000 pound of debris at a time. 

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