Ed's Landscaping Services

We’ll make your home or business an oasis of beauty. 

Our expert landscape designers and installers will make your landscape dreams come true. We focus on native plants designed to keep your maintenance to a minimum and your enjoyment to a maximum.

Shrubs Installed

Dwarf Nandina Landscaping

Boys & Girls Club Landscaping

Tree Trimming

Our Landscaping Services :

  • Complete flower bed removal and replacement
  • Landscape steel edging installation
  • Bed design and installation
  • Landscape stone wall design and installation
  • Landscape design
  • Elegant, Zero-maintenance landscape design & installation
  • Bulk load delivery of various colors of rock and mulch
General Landscaping

Our experienced staff can take your home or business landscaping to a new level of beauty. We can revitalize your uninteresting lawn and landscaping, and put a smile on your face every time you pull into your driveway. Your neighbors will like it too!

Stump Grinding

Do you have unsightly stumps in your yard? Tired of mowing around stumps and the accompanying root systems?

We have the equipment to grind those unwanted stumps so you can get the rest of your yard back.

Onsite Debris Burning

Have you had your land cleared or cleaned, but you were left with piles of debris?

We hold an onsite burn account with the Florida Forestry Service and the permits needed to eliminate unsightly and hazardous material before it causes a problem for you and your property.

Debris Removal

Piles of debris are fraught with many issues including unwanted insects, attracting animals, are a potential burn hazard, and they’re unsightly. We have the equipment to remove all of the unwanted debris from your property. 

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